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Miscellaneous Tractor Parts


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Unit Price


Integrated instrument panel

Part No: IIP40


Seatbelt Kit

Part No: SB40


Air Cleaner Housing

Part No: AFH40


Headlights & Indicators Unit

Part No: HLIU40


Rear light unit (Left)

Part No: RLAL40


Rear light unit (Right)

Part No: RLAR40


Rear Work Lamp (Each)

Part No: RWL40


Fuse and Relay Assembly

Part No: FRA40


Ignition Switch
Part No: ISA40


Starter Relay

Part No: IRU40


Hydraulic Gear pump

Part No: HGP40


Clutch assembly

Part No: CPA40


Driving Clutch Plate

Part No: CLPD40


PTO Clutch Plate

Part No: CLPP40


Oil pressure alarm switch

Part No: OPS40


Rear Wheel Weights (Each)

Part No: RWW40


Towbar Assembly

Part No: TBA40


Front axle

Part No: FAA40


Hydraulic Ram (Large)

Part No: HRL40


Hydraulic Ram (Small)

Part No: HRS40


3 Point Linkage Lifting Arms (pair)

Part No: 3PLL40


3 Point Linkage Hitch Arms (pair)

Part No: 3PLA40


3 Point Linkage Top Arm

Part No: 3PLT40


Swinging draw bar pin (pair)

Part No: DBP40


Hydraulic Hoses (Each)

Part No: HH40


Engine (Entire Unit)

Part No: ENG40



Part No: RAD40


Head gasket

Part No: HG40


Cylinder sleeve

Part No: CS40


Piston (Each)

Part No: P40


Connecting Rod

Part No: CR40


Piston ring set (1 Set)

Part No: PR40


Piston Gudgeon pin



Part No: FAN40


Water Pump

Part No: WP40


Thermostat Housing

Part No: TH40


Hydraulic Oil Filter

Part No: HOF40


Fuel Tank

Part No: FT40


Fuel injectors (set of 3)

Part No: FI40


Fuel Injection pump

Part No: FIP40


Starter motor

Part No: SM40



Part No: ALT40


Fan belt

Part No: FB40


Front Weight Bracket

Part No: FWB40


Front End Loader Hydraulic Connectors

(Price Each)

Part No: FELHC40


Air cleaner element

Part No: ACE40


Inline Fuel Filter

Part No: IFF40


Fuel Filter

Part No: FF40


Oil Filter

Part No: OF40


Fuel & Oil Filter Set

Part No: FOF40


Transmission Assembly

(Gearbox, Rear Diff / Back End)

Part No: GB40




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