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6" PTO Friction Clutch

Friction clutches are typical torque limiting devices that use friction as a means to limit the amount of torque that can be delivered to your implement. These clutches use one of two types of springs, pigtail or flat (belleville). Historically, a friction clutch is a simple, reliable method of protecting equipment. But be warned. The torque setting of any "friction" device changes as the discs and related parts wear. Factory settings are only good at the factory. PTO Clutches are excellent for mowers, slashers, post hole borers, rotary cultivators, rotary cutters, combine headers, grain carts, tillers, trenchers, balers, fans, forage harvesters, etc.




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Tractor Power Required

Up to 60HP

PTO Speed

540 RPM

Spline Type

F35 Square, 6 teeth

Spline (Female)

1 3/8" (35mm)

Spline (Male)

1 3/8" (35mm)

Plate Diameter

6 inches (165mm)

Maximum Torque

1,000 Nm


Note: Implements with gearboxes (ie. Connect to the tractor with a PTO shaft) do not contain oil when new ? add gear oil before use. Gear oil not included.


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