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Round Bale Spike

The three-point linkage round bale spike is designed to handle a single round hay bale.
The round bale spike tines can be driven into the flat side of a round bale. The attachment is fitted with three spikes to ensure the bale is unable to rotate while being handled. Spikes fit into a sleeve, and are secured with a lock nut (top spike), and two bolts (bottom spikes). All three spikes are removable. This attachment is designed to carry a maximum of one round hay bale.


3 Point Linkage

Hitch Category

1 & 2

Tractor Power Required

25 HP +

Number of Spikes


Unit Size

750mm x 170mm x 580mm

Top Spike

1,080mm (45mm, Tapered)

Bottom Spike

500mm (40mm, Tapered)

Unit Weight

40kg (Approx)

3 Point Linkage Spacing

580mm x 70mm


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