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Miscellaneous Tractor Parts

Part Image*

Part Description

Unit Price Range (Each)

Integrated instrument panel

Part No: IIP

From $170.00

Seatbelt Kit

Part No: SB

From $90.00

Air Cleaner Housing

Part No: AFH

From $50.00

Headlights & Indicators Unit

Part No: HLIU

From $270.00

Rear light unit (Left)

Part No: RLAL

From $40.00

Rear light unit (Right)

Part No: RLAR

From $40.00

Rear Work Lamp (Each)

Part No: RWL

From $30.00

Mirror Kit (1 set)

Part No: MIRK

From $38.00

Fuse and Relay Assembly

Part No: FRA

From $85.00

Ignition Switch
Part No: ISA

From $59.00

Starter Relay

Part No: IRU

From $21.00

Hydraulic Gear pump

Part No: HGP

From $195.00

Clutch assembly

Part No: CPA

From $320.00

Driving Clutch Plate

Part No: CLPD

From $150.00

PTO Clutch Plate

Part No: CLPP

From $150.00

Oil pressure alarm switch

Part No: OPS

From $56.00

Rear Wheel Weights (Each)

Part No: RWW

From $40.00

Towbar Assembly

Part No: TBA

From $50.00

Front axle

Part No: FAA

From $1,700.00

Front End Loader Bucket Tooth

Part No: FELT

From $10.00

Hydraulic Pipe

Part No: MHP

From $59.00

Hydraulic Ram (Large)

Part No: HRL

From $190.00

Hydraulic Ram (Small)

Part No: HRS

From $170.00

3 Point Linkage Lifting Arms (pair)

Part No: 3PLL

From $99.00

3 Point Linkage Hitch Arms (pair)

Part No: 3PLA

From $65.00

3 Point Linkage Top Arm

Part No: 3PLT

From $32.00

Swinging draw bar pin (pair)

Part No: DBP

From $16.00

Hydraulic Hoses (Each)

Part No: HH

From $40.00

Engine (Entire Unit)

Part No: ENG

From $3,500.00


Part No: RAD

From $450.00

Head gasket

Part No: HG

From $25.00

Cylinder sleeve

Part No: CS

From $75.00

Piston (Each)

Part No: P

From $48.00

Connecting Rod

Part No: CR

From $35.00

Piston ring set (1 Set)

Part No: PR

From $50.00

Piston Gudgeon pin

Part No: PGP

From $17.00


Part No: FAN

From $10.00

Water Pump

Part No: WP

From $120.00

Thermostat Housing

Part No: TH

From $25.00

Hydraulic Oil Filter

Part No: HOF

From $20.00

Fuel Tank

Part No: FT

From $157.00

Fuel injectors

(set of 4)

Part No: FI

From $100.00

Fuel Injection pump

Part No: FIP

From $295.00

Starter motor

Part No: SM

From $195.00


Part No: ALT

From $195.00

Fan belt

Part No: FB

From $15.00

Wet Air Cleaner Assembly

Part No: WACU

From $375.00

Front Weight Bracket

Part No: FWB

From $200.00

Front End Loader Hydraulic Connectors

(Price Each)

Part No: FELHC

From $15.00

Air cleaner element

Part No: ACE

From $18.00

Inline Fuel Filter

Part No: IFF

From $5.00

Fuel Filter

Part No: FF

From $18.00

Oil Filter

Part No: OF

From $19.00

Fuel & Oil Filter Set

Part No: FOF

From $45.00

Transmission Assembly

(Gearbox, Rear Diff / Back End)

Part No: DRTR

From $2,480.00



Slasher Gearbox

Part No: SLGB

From $395.00

PTO Shaft

Part No: PTOS

From $197.00

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* Images are a representation only, the part on your tractor may look different.



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